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Are you looking to give an exotic bird a new home? Do you have an exotic bird that you love but, for some reason, cannot care for it properly any more? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then Majestic Wings Rescue, located in Cassatt, is a well-established facility that provides shelter for all sorts of exotic birds If you would like more information about our shelter and the birds that we have here, please give us a call on 8039000997.

Welcoming all creatures great and small

We opened our shelter after it became apparent that there were many exotic birds living in the local area. We aim to rescue as many homeless, sick and injured exotic birds as possible. When we take birds into our care, we give them a thorough check-up and provide essential veterinary care if needed. We ensure that all our birds are healthy and have been well looked after by our staff before they can be offered for adoption to a new home.

Adoption process

The adoption process consists of filling out an application, coming to meet us and our birds, bird selection actually the bird will pick you. Getting to know the available birds. A home study, is your home parrot and bird safe. Payment of adoption fee. Majestic Wings Rescue over sees all adoptions and consent or approval is non-negotiable Majestic Wings has final approval over all adoptions


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